About Us

Trade the bustle of the city for some fresh air at Urban Saddle Ranch, a multi-property destination in Huntingdon, PA!

Our cabins, nestled on a quiet wooded mountainside, and easily reached in your family car, are located on the northern end of Lake Raystown near Huntingdon, PA. The dam itself is about one mile from our cabins and the nearest park service boat launch, Snyder’s Run, is within five miles. Large cabins, accommodating up to ten people and small cabins accommodating up to six people are available. WE FURNISH: Most of the comforts of home are provided including electric heat, indoor plumbing, shower, hot and cold water, electric stove, refrigerator, and comfortable furniture. For your convenience, we also furnish cookware, dishes, and silverware. YOU BRING: Toiletries and bath towels.

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